Join us and benefit by:

  1. Our weed cutting programme which we have managed with the consent of the Environment Agency and Natural England for many years, allows members to cut weed at specific times during the year; non-members are therefore operating illegally if they do not have consent.
  2. Registering your concerns with us assured that we will coordinate an authoritative and informed response to DEFRA , the Environment Agency or Natural England with whom we maintain close working relations.
  3. Advice passed down to us by these agencies and by advice cultivated by many experts within our Association on a wide range of topics concerned with the riverine environment in general and the 5 rivers in our catchments in particular. We have a team of very experienced river keepers in our catchment.
  4. Volunteering your resources to the achievement of favourable ecological condition in many ways from habitat restoration, riverfly monitoring and get out on to the river!
  5. Enjoy peace of mind by being member of an organisation that is also a member of the Angling Trust (Fish Legal) and able to receive free advice on the many legal issues which we have to face on our rivers.