In May 2018, new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force.
Your personal data
This means data that can be used to identify you, such as your name and email address.
We may also hold the contact telephone numbers of those individuals who represent fishing
clubs on the WFA committee.
How we collect it
We collect most of this information when you apply for WFA membership, subscribe to news
bulletins or when we update your details when you inform us of changes.
What we use it for
To manage your membership and to inform you about WFA events and issues which affect
us as an Angling Association. We use your contact details in the “List of Members” and “List
of Subscribers” which is continually updated. We DO NOT share your details with anyone
Where we store it and who has access
We store your data:
• Using membership management software, which is saved, updated and backed-up
on the computer of the WFA Honorary Secretary.
• On our website, where we retain only as much contact information as individuals
have input themselves using the “Contact Us’ form.
• In hard copy (application forms, event registration forms etc) in a secure, locked
cabinet with restricted access controlled by the Honorary Secretary.
We have designated Robert Wellard – Hon Secretary as the WFA’s Data Controller. He will
ensure that your data is processed according to the law – that it is recorded accurately,
updated annually and kept secure.
WFA Committee member Bryan Gordon-Smith will act as Data Processor for information
held online, processing data on behalf of the Data Controller.
Permission to store and process your data
We need your permission to store and process your data for these purposes with immediate
effect. You can help us do this by emailing the Hon Sec with the following message –
“I would like to subscribe to WFA news updates in 2018” – Followed by YOUR NAME.
Thank you for your continued support.
Martin Browne – WFA Hon Sec