The Wiltshire Fishery Association (WFA) will safeguard and promote the interests of its members be they fishery owners, lessees or individual anglers on the Salisbury Avon and its tributaries upstream of the junction with the River Ebble.

In doing this, the Association will act as a co-ordinating body, a disseminator of information, a focal point for consultation by DEFRA and the appointed Agencies, together with an information and advice source for local anglers.

The WFA will cooperate with societies and bodies having similar objectives and may from time to time provide donations to protect fisheries or to facilitate research.

The WFA welcomes the designations of SSSI and SAC which now apply to the rivers of the Salisbury Avon catchment with the exception of the Ebble and will work closely with DEFRA, the Environment Agency, Natural England, the Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to place these rivers in favourable condition and so maintain them, thereby safeguarding both fishery and conservation interests.