I can confirm that for the remainder of this summer WFA members may continue weed cutting in the upper Hampshire Avon catchment (includes all Avon tributaries upstream of Salisbury) without an Environment Agency permit or exemption as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Weed cutting is kept to the minimum amount required to allow angling to take place. Where possible this should be a hand cut only.
  • All cut weed is to be removed in situ and must not be allowed to drift downstream.
  • Any boom or structure used to catch weed that is installed into the river should have a permit where it is not an existing structure or set of hatches for example.
  • Weed should be left to rest for a short time on the bankside to allow invertebrates to re-enter the watercourse, before being removed to a sufficient distance to ensure nutrients from the breaking down weed do not enter the river.

Message ends.


Bob Wellard – WFA Hon Sec